Available Programmes:
* Certificate In Web Design
* A+ Computer Certification
* NETWORK + Certification
* Linux System Administration
* Digital Photo Editing (Adobe Photoshop)
* Graphic Design Production
* Web Animation
* Certificate In Personal Computer Repair (CPCR)
* Certificate In Computer Networking (CCN)
Accelerated Certificate Programmes ACP

University of Commerce and Business Administration has introduced a range of Accelerated Certificate Programmes.

The objective of this three to six months programme is to equip applicants with relative practical skills which are key to current technological trends and advancements, thus making them employable and marketable. The practical skills acquired will help create jobs and promote small business start-ups.

This is a technician training programme which equips applicants with professional know-how to enable them improve on existing knowledge and acquire new skills. It is also ideal for self-starters. The programme uses a mix of intensive hands-on training and quality theoretical tuition. It is structured to help students understand, practice and apply concepts in selected courses in IT, Engineering and Multimedia Development.

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